Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Updates!

I feel like I've neglected my poor little blog long enough, so its probably time for an update!

So this week, Nebraska has finally decided to embrace summer. I'm trying to decide if that is a good thing or not. Up til this week it pretty much rained EVERY SINGLE DAY... non stop. Not like the tiny little baby rainstorms that we see occasionally in Idaho and Utah. No, no! These are the "pouring-a-bucket-of-water-over-your-head-would-get-you-less-wet-than-these-rain-storms" kind of rain. It's ridiculous! I was starting to get a little gloomy over the weather, but then this week the rain suddenly broke and we got sun!! But wait! That's not such a good thing now, cause now instead of being soaked by sheets of pouring rain, I'm being soaked to the skin by my own sweat! Ahhhh!! Where's the dry heat?! I hate humidity!! Anyway... lets just say I'm excited to go to UT for the 4th so I can escape from the miserable heat of Nebraska summer.

But the heat brings me to another point... our AC is out in our car. Yeah. Figures. So if we can't get it fixed before next week, we're going to be driving with all 4 windows down at 60 miles an hour all the way to UT! Sounding like a fun trip yet? Oh yeah!! Cross your fingers for that AC getting fixed thing...

Other than duitfully bearing the heat, all I've really got going on at the moment is summer classes. I took a Constitutional Law class that focused on first amendment rights and now I'm taking an Education Law class. Linned up for the rest of the summer (assuming I still can't get a job) is an Advanced Torts and Advanced Crim Law class. Whoot, whoot. I can't wait. (Note sarcasm) I have a few out-of-school projects that I'm working on outside of school, but other than that I really have no life!

Rob is still love his job. His company just finished working with Papsi and are now tackling some projects for Union Pacific RR and Office Max. He just loves his job. Yay for him! That always makes going to work a little easier!

On Friday we went to this ethnic festival called Celebrate Lincoln. Its where a whole bunch of different ethnicities in Lincoln get together and throw a mini-state fair type kind of thing. There are booths with cultral food, clothing, music, etc. where you can experience all the different cultures in Lincoln. I have to admit, I was surprised to discover that Lincoln was hope to so many different cultures! Some of the more noteable booths were Greek, Irish, Arabian, African, Indian and Greenland. Sadly, I didn't see any booths for England, but oh well!! Here's a picture of us at the event... we're supposed to be standing in front of this string of flags, but you can't see the flags, only our heads ( : And what's a fair without cotton candy? (Allie... "Where's the cotton candy?!?!") We had a good time!

Also this weekend Rob had a softball tournament. It went on FOREVER!!! 3 games in one day! Sorry babe, I love ya, but that is a LOT of games to sit through! My butt and the bleechers were fighting by the time it was over. And unfortunately, Rob's team didn't do as well as they would have liked. When it was over Rob and I were so hot and exahusted and wanted nothing more than to sleep. But guess what? We couldn't go home. Why couldn't we go home? Because our car wouldn't start! AHHHHHH!!! The key wouldn't turn in the egnition and everything was all locked up. We ended up having to get it towed and it wasn't actually fixed until Monday. (No, the AC was not fixed, just the lock cylindar).

So this weekend was filled with ups as well as downs, but overall Rob and I are happy and are excited to be going home for a short visit next week! More updates on that soon to come, I'm sure!! ( :