Saturday, May 30, 2009

My WICKED birthday post!

Rob is pretty good with surprises. As Allie and Co. know well... at one point he even flew to Paris to surprise me with a proposal. But Rob is also really good with presents. I feel like such a schmuck because his birthday presents to me are always SO good, and mine to him suck in comparison! This year was, once again, no different!

So Rob has been giving me these hints for the past month now on what my birthday present was. I knew it came by mail... it topped the other presents spectacularly... it yellow and blue (or a combo of the two--as I figured out later)... and he gave me the words "ancho via" in Spanish to chew on for a while. To be honest, I had no earthly clue what he was talking about.

But the morning of my birthday came and Rob made me breakfast--blackberry waffles, yum!--and then we opened presents. They were all awesome... a yoga mat, smell goods (lotion, candles, etc.) but nothing that even closely resembled any of the clues he gave me. So I cornered him on it. He got this big goofy "Rob grin" on his face and said that there was a mess up in the mail and so I would have to wait til our anniversary to get that present. I begged him to tell me (I had been waiting for SO long that I wanted to know at this point!) but he just kept grinning with that silly "Rob grin" and didn't say anything.

Well later that day I was supposed to meet Rob in Omaha. He had to work there that day and I was going to meet him there for dinner. During dinner he was still acting so weird and I also couldn't figure out why the restaraunt we went to was overcrowded with people. I mean, come on, it was a Wednesday night! What's the occasion?! When I asked Rob if he had any ideas he just smiled that big goofy "Rob grin" and shrugged. Well, after dinner, Rob suggested we go for a walk and see if there was anything else we wanted to do in Omaha before we left. I pretty much figured he had something up his sleeve by this point, cause he was grinning like a fool and acting all weird. So I told him I thought he had something planned already and he just grinned and said "Really? you think?" Oh yeah... something was DEFINITELY up.

Anyway, we're walking down the street and all the sudden we're passing one of Omaha's big theatres. There are all these posters for future productions and I start naming them all off "Cats.... Stomp..." etc. trying to figure out if it was a show we were going to be going to, when all the sudden I spotted it: the Wicked poster!!!

I knew that was what Rob had planned as soon as I saw the poster! I started squealing and I'm pretty sure there might have been some dancing up and down going on. Rob told me to open my purse, and inside there was two Wicked tickets!!! I was so surprised! I didn't even know Wicked was playing in Omaha!! Anyway, needless to say, Rob was tickled that he surprised me like that again, and we BOTH quite thoroughly enjoyed the production! (Okay, I won't lie, I LOVED it!)

Sine we got back so late, we had birthday cake the next day... it was almost like having TWO birthdays! ( : Haha. Anyway, it was amazing! The best birfday EVER!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

23 Things...

So it was my birthday this week! On Tuesday May 27, 1986 at approximately 8:45 am I entered the world (probably kicking and screaming) to grace everyone with my presence!! (Haha!) And so the nightmare of raising me began for my parents! And since it is my 23rd birthday (I'm starting to like what age I'm at... is there any way to slow this aging thing down?!???) I thought it would be fun to list 23 things I like/love/am thankful for.

So, in no particular order... 23 Things...

(1) Lemon Oatmeal cookies from the Cookie Comapny in Lincoln
(2) Good Books (its impossible for me to pick out just one, so I'm just going to geneeralize by saying I love ALL good books!)
(3) MomDadMarkLisaPaulSylviSuzyDavidLyndseyScottandNatalie = My fam!
(4) Foot rubs
(5) Hot, hot, HOT bath water
(6) Mountains
(7) Good friends
(8) And Family
(9) Cheese! (Rob hates cheese... it's been quite a burden being married to him when he doesn't like it!!)
(10) Flip flops
(11) Winter and LOTS of snow
(12) Lap tops, cell phones, running water, electricity, etc... modern technology in general!
(13) Talented actors/actresses and writers in the entertainment industry that keep me--as they are paid to do--entertained!
(14) London
(15) Schwarmas
(16) The United States of America and the rule of law
(17) Music that gives me goose bumps
(18) Pianos
(19) Mini Coopers
(20) Dancing
(21) Paris
(22) Marching band and BYU football!

And last but FAR from least...

(23) Robbie Baby!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Twilight Maddness

I love Twilight, but I can also appreciate a good jab at it once in a while. Hence, here are my two favorite "non-Twilight" Twilight youtube videos! Enjoy!! ( :

Twilight... which Cheeseburgers:

Twilight Trailer Spoof:

(Sorry... I haven't really figured out how to insert links into my blog yet, so you'll have to copy and paste to check them out!)

The UNL golden calf

Law students are funny.... and I bet you didn't even know, they're a little bit superstitious. Or maybe it isn't even superstition, but a desperate desire to do everything and ANYTING they can to get those good grades. Whether it's wearing years of unwashed lucky underwear, offering a sacrifice to the test gods, or performing the sacred test day war dance, the weeks before law finals are filled with these superstitious rituals that are taken--would you believe it--VERY seriously in the law school community. While all of them are somewhat mildly humorous, this one, is my particular favorite.... Meet ROSCOE. I have no idea who ROSCOE is, or what he did or even how he's special to the law school. Nonetheless, there is a statute of ROSCOE sitting front and center in the lobby of our law library. Now, over the years, students (probably desperately thinking of more ways to increase their luck on finals) decided that rubbing ROSCOE's nose was lucky. (Which is why his nose is all shinny in this picture) But the buck didn't stop there... oh no, not by a long shot. See what probably happened, is one or two of these students did fabulous on their finals, after rubbing ROSCOE's nose. They, of course, attributed this good piece of fortune to rubbing ROSCOE's nose, and soon a harmless amount of nose rubbing turned into a full scale Bible idol worshiping. You know, like when Moses went to the mount and came back to find his people worshiping a cow (or calf, whatever). Well ROSCOE is none other than UNL's very own golden cow. Pictured here are the various sacrificial offerings given to ROSCOE in the weeks before finals. You probably can't see it, but one of those folded pieces of papers offers ROSCOE his soul in writing (a binding contract, for all of you law students who know what I mean... unless you count finals as being under duress or undue influence???)

Anyway, as I eagerly await the results of my grueling first year of law school, I can't help but hope that the small amount of ROSCOE nose rubbing (or brown nosing, I suppose you could call it) that I participated in (yes, I participated in the worshiping the UNL golden calf) might have helped pushed me my grades UPWARD in the right direction.

But then again, if it didn't help, I suppose I could always offer my soul next year... heehee.

Friday, May 8, 2009


What more is there to say.... MY FIRST YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL IS OVER!!!! WHOOOOOPPEEEE!!!!