Friday, January 23, 2009

The "No brainer"

I'm pretty sure that it's every law professor's ultimate goal in life to make the first year students feel like they SUCK at life...

So I'm sitting there in class today minding my own business, just listening to the lecture. But my teacher isn't just lecturing... she's LECTURIG. She was being a little too enthusiastic and theatrical for a simple first year property class. And it kept getting worse as the class kept going. She was waving her hands in the air, and saying crazy stuf... it was actually quite humorous! So what's a girl to do? I couldn't help it... I started laughing at her! Don't judge... you would have laughed too. Well, apparently she didn't appreciate that too much, and she decided to enact her revenge by ruthlessly calling on me throughout the whole class.

One time, she calls on me and asks "So can the creditors get the husband's share if they are co-owners in a tennancy in common?" And like a good little law student, I say, "Yes. The creditors can come after the husband's share only, but not the wife's." Which... FYI... THAT'S THE RIGHT ANSWER!!!!

But for some reason she keeps talking.... and talking.... and talking about this hypo, explaining in detail why the creditors can come after the husband's share but not the wife's. And then FINALLY, at the end of her monologuing, she breathes a deep sigh, throws her hands in the air and says... "Wow, I'm really glad I went over that! I thought that question was a no-brainer!"

WHAT?!?!? Come again?!!?!?! I got the answer right, crazy woman!!

And then of course, the entire class laughed at me and I recieved several facebook messages making fun of me for missing the "no brainer" question that I actually DIDN'T miss!


The joys of law school....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day!

As you can see... I'm feeling very patriotic today... Unfortunately, the moment that our new president was sworn into office, I was in Civil Procedure trying vainly to both listen to the lecture at hand, and watch MSNBC News on my lap top. I think my teacher might have noticed my only "half attention" attitude, because he called on me to ask a question! Curses! I faked my way through an answer, but by the time the grilling was over, so was the inaguration. Dang it. Thank goodness for internet and replays!

I'm excited and optimistic about President Obama and all that he's bringing to the table. No, he's not exactly what I want in a president . . . but then again, who really has it all? Honestly? It would be impossible to elect a president that pleases every single American individually. I'm encouraged by his attitude for change and am impressed with many of his platforms (again, not all of them, but enough to be excited). And I also think it's a wonderful achievment that America has been able to move past the racial violence and tensions that have tainted our history for generations. A man should not be elected president based on the color of his/her skin: black or white. But I'm thrilled that we have a president that is both a good man, AND one who can prove to the world that America is a place of change and optimism.

And say whatever you want about his politics, but you have to admit, he's a good man who loves his family. It was so sweet watching him with his wife and girls today. I got all teary eyed watching them dance! You can really tell they're in love! (Won't that be a White House change?!) God Bless America!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bowl Games, Snow and Stitches

So many of you already know that my dear, sweet sister Lisa followed in Mark and I's footsteps and became a marching band nerd! (Yay for nerds!) Some of you might be thinking "wow... seriously? Don't you have anything better to do with your time?" But let me just tell you how AWESOME marching band can be.

Last year the Highland High School Marching Band was invited to a competition in Florida. The competition is set to take place this week on Wednesday in Miami! But this isn't just some cool competition in Florida... the winner of the competition gets to perform at half time of the Orange Bowl! For all you non-football people, the Orange Bowl is the National College Football chamionship game. Its held in Miami, Florida at Dolphin stadium!! All of the bands get to play at the pregame, but only the winner gets to play at half time. How freakin' cool is that?! I'm not going to lie... I'm probably a little jealous of my sister at this point. She and my dad are in Florida right now and she gets to perform at a rock awesome competition!! AND perform at the Orange Bowl... yeah... definitely feeling the jealousy vibes! But no matter... GO RAMS!!! We're routin' for you, Lisa!

In other news, Christmas break is going pretty good. I have to admit, though, I'm getting kind of bored. And I HATE being bored. At this point, I'm looking forward to Monday when classes will start again. Is that crazy? I must have something wrong with my brain if I'm actually looking forward to the start of classes again. Weird.

Something funny that happened over the break, was that my sister, Lisa (I'm talking about her a lot this post, aren't I?) got stitches! HAHA! No sympathy here! Lisa has always been the accident magnent in our family. She's broken the most bones, gotten the most stitches, had the most surguries, etc. Some of her more noteable injuries were sewing her finger in the sewing machinge (the needle broke off in her finger, she had to get it surgically removed); breaking her arm by slidding down a huge hill on her stomach; electricuting herself (trying to fix her radio while it was still plugged into the wall); and breaking her finger in 3 places slidding on the ice (she had to have a bunch of pins put in to hold the bone in place... her finger still looks like a Frankenstine creation). Those are on top of the numerous scrapes and bruises she recieves on a regular basis. In fact, considering her track record, stitches is a realitively uneventful occurance. The story of her stitches this time went like this....

It had snowed a couple feet Christmas week. By the time the day after Christmas rolled around, we had a pretty decent snowfall in the backyard... So Lisa, Paul, Rob, David and I decided to go play in the backyard. We bundled up tight (as you can see): and went to play in the snow. We had fun, Paul trying to hit me with snowballs... ...and missing me (of course)! Making snow angels... Swinging on the swings... Paul had this crazy idea that it would be fun to jump out of the swings going really high. I figured that was kind of dumb... just cause it's snow doesn't mean it's soft! Luckily, there were no broken bones there. But then came the fun part... Lisa had the great idea that we should burry her in the snow! And we figured, sure, why not?! Lets do it! So we proceded to burry her in freezing snow, like such: and all was going well until our dog Dan decided to come to Lisa's rescue. He thought she was in trouble, so he proceded to start digging her out of the snow! It was so funny! We're not really sure what happened at this point... somehow while Dan was trying to dig her out, he managed to get his claws under 2 layers of clothing (Lisa's coat hood and her beanie). And in the process of of this digging, Dan put a nasty scratch on Lisa's face. She came out of the snow looking a little bit like this: Honestly, we were horrible sibblings, we laughed at her! But after we got over our mirth a little bit, we took her over to Dr. Dad, who examined the gouge and reported that she would need to get stitches! So Rob and I pilled into the car with Lisa and Dad to take Lisa to Dad's office. Since I had worked there this summer, I helped my Dad assist and we managed to put Lisa back together again! Good thing she's beautiful... she can even make stitches look sexy and stylish! It was a fun! I enjoy assisting my dad and Lisa looks fabulous! She just had her stitches taken out and is now in Florida.

Hope you all are having fun on your own holiday breaks!!