Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cookie of the Week

Okay, today I actually have TWO cookies of the week. I didn't post last week's cookie out of pure laziness. And I almost didn't do two blog posts this week out of the same said laziness. But I decided to suck it up and post it.

Rob and I got this fabulous cookie cook book for our wedding that we've yet to really use. Occasionally we'll break it out, but its never really recievced the love and care that it should. Hence, I brought the cookie cook book to Pocatello with me this summer, and Lisa and I decided to make a new cookie each Sunday. Last Sunday's cookie was the Soft, Spicey Molassas Cookie:
This week's cookie was the Coconut Cream Cheese Cookie:

We've been lucky two weeks in a row... normally my cookies look horrible! But these were very photogenic... not to mention they were absolutely declisious too. Stay tuned next Sunday for Sour Cream Chocolate Chip cookies... David picked it out ( :

Time passes slowly...

...but only when you want it to go fast. I never knew how long one week really was!

But don't worry, there was only ONE emotional "I-miss-Rob" break-down moment this week. And several factors probably played into that besides just plain sappniess. One of those factors was that I had just finished watching Gone with the Wind (an INREDIBLY sad movie... I mean seriously, Scarlet, way to screw up your life!) and I was exahusted. Those factors combined, along with the countdown on my wall displaying WAY too many empty hearts (I color in a heart every day til I go home) just made for an emotional night. But I count myself lucky that there was only ONE emotional night!

Other than the lonliness that inevitable follows when you're separated from your BBF for life it was a pretty good week! I started a new job... and with that of course, came all the stresses and awkward moments that come with new jobs. Other than calling my boss--whom I affectionately refer to as "Boss Man"--"mean" (yes, I really did call him "mean" to his face) I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start! I did find out that I absolutely HATE mediation (long boring hours on end trying to come up with a settlement agreement... I mean really... two lawyers trying to agree on something... oh yeah, it takes FOREVER!) And I truly cheris my lunch break (I hate sitting for hours on end... its rough and my breaks are sacred!) Also, my most favorite room in the building is one that I like to call the "pop room." Filled with boxes and boxes of every kind of beverage you can imagine, it's all there and its all free whenever I want it. Cuts down significantly on my Diet Coke bill. Heehee.

Here are also a couple pictures I took this week from David's baseball game and Lindsy's dance recital:

And in other news, my brother Mark comes home from his mission in San Jose California on TUESDAY! Can you believe its been two years? I can't. Sheesh. But is it lame that I'm more excited to see Rob on Thursday than I am to see my brother on Tuesday? Its only been ten-ish days since I've seen Rob, but I'm much more excited to see him on my birfday weekend than I am to see my baby brudder, whom I haven't seen for two years. Sorry, Mark! I'm just in wuv with my Robbie Baby!!

Unfortunately, I have a sinking suspicion that this weekend with Rob is going to go by MUCH faster than this week did. Grrr. Stupid time!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The first day of a Looooong summer...

I've been absent from the blogging arena for a while. But you already know that. Finals are sort of an all-emcompasing event that greatly effect both your pre AND post final activities. BEFORE finals you're so busy studying that you don't really have the time for anything else (or else you just don't want to spend the precious free time that you have doing silly things like blogging! Sleep is better...) and AFTER finals you're so preoccupied binging on laziness that you literally don't get out of bed for anything! But I'm back, dear friends! I know, you were worried...

Anyway, today marks the beginning of a VERY long summer for me. For a variety of reasons that I won't bother getting into right now, I was unable to get a job in Nebraska. However, I did manage to score quite a nice internship in Pocatello. The pay was good, the experience was good, just about the only thing that was NOT good was the location! Still, it was too good to pass up. So for the next 91 days (yes, I'm counting) I will be working in Idaho. Flying solo. Rob-free. Gah. This sucks.

Still, it IS fun to see the fam. They were very sweet welcoming me home! After a ridiculously scary flight into SLC airport (lots of turbulents!) my in-laws spoiled me with Mexican food, pedicure and a movie (Robbin Hood). Then it was off to Idaho! As I walked in the front door, I was welcomed with screeches of "Julie! Julie! JULIE!" Lets be honest, its hard NOT to be tickled pink when a bunch of cute little kids are excited to see you! There were welcome banners on the front door, my bedroom door and a ridiculously awesome "Robbie countdown" on my bedroom wall. Here are a few pics from the first day of my loooong summer:

Cool "welcome home" banner on the front door
The parent's casa... my home away from home for the summerPretty tulips in the front yardDan the dog... what a big nose you have, Dan.. All the better for smelling with! Heehee.And my personal favorite... my Robbie countdown... mom's idea and expertly executed by her and Sylvi! Thanks guys! You're the best!!!

Wish me luck! 91 days and counting...