Thursday, December 15, 2011

Stinkin' Cute Christmas Pics

Yes, yes, I know... my blog absence has been noted (if anyone even checks in anymore!) I've been a busy blogger over at my book blog and have sadly neglected my home blog! Alas! I would like to say that I'm going to do LOTS better... but lets be honest... I probably won't!


Just in case any of you DID happen to click on that link directed to you by Rob and I's lovely Christmas postcard, I thought I better have SOMETHING new to share.


Without further ado... our Christmas pics, which were taken by my lovely friend, Jen Petty. She's oober talented and whipped them out in like a half hour flat. THANK YOU, Jen!!

This was a "test" shot... teehee...

Yeah... I kinda have a thing for my red hat... LOVE it!

Aww! Look at us! We're so cute ( :

Love my man!

*snort* I love this one! Vroom, vroom!

We tried to do some cute vintage bike pics... yeah, they SO did not work out! Mostly they just ended with me  catapulting off the front of the bike face first! Haha ( :

Oh, snap!

I ADORE you, Robbie Baby!