Sunday, February 13, 2011


YOU, because you are without a doubt the most epic partner in crime I have ever had...YOU, because I have never laughed so hard nor had such a good time flooding dormritories, playing hall tag, plotting, schemeing and causing an overall ruckus on BYU campus than I did with you four...YOU, for being the best roomate I EVER had (by far!), our mutual love of Pirates of the Carribean, your unconditional love and support, the sweet notes of encouragement I could always find after a bad day, and for sitting on that toilet slathered in icy hot...YOU, for being my home away from home, giving me diet coke, sharing your closets and for giving me memories that I will hold dear for the rest of my life...YOU, for being my Nash-Ga partner, the late nights we spent talking about missing our boys, all the fun we had abroad and at home, forcing Rob to propose in Paris, and for "HANDLE-ing" my entire wedding...YOU, for writing those letters I always looked forward to, being at every single family reunion I can remember and for being the best friend and cousin a girl could EVER ask for...YOU, for being so stinkin' cute, so stinkin' smart, so stinkin' sassy and for being so excited to see me every time I come home...YOU, for coming to see me and eating all my Otter pops this summer, for your crazy enthusiasm for life, for being such a tough guy and for your big bear hugs when I come through the door...YOU, for talking my ear off with the CUTEST stories every time I'm home, for your eagerness to share your talents with others and for a sweet spirit that never seems to dampen...YOU, for having such a kind heart, for being so thoughtful to your friends and family and for being such a good little ball player...YOU, for being so full of compliments, for being so responsible and grown up and for being such a beautiful example to everyone around you...YOU, for being so much like me, for making me laugh and for being equal parts sweet, handsome and studly...YOU, for all the late night chineese and chicken basket runs, the chick flicks, the upside-down mario kart tournaments and for your wonderfully ditzy moments that life just wouldn't be the same without..."Christina????"....YOU, for being such a great example of what a "good guy" is, for all our late night "girl" talks in high school, and for being my first best friend...YOU, because you are the best of what is good in our family, the glue that holds us together and for believing in me enough to force me into all that piano practice, I'll be forever greatful for all you've done...YOU, for reading every single paper I've ever sent you, for your wildly fantastic embarassing moment stories that get everyone rolling with laughter, and for being the dad that everyone wants and I get to have...And lastly, but certainly far from the least, I LOVE YOU, Rob...for being the kindest, most generous, loving, caring person I know. For making me laugh every day. For understanding me when I don't understand myself. And for being my very best friend in the entire world. I love you more than words can say!Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weddings?! I love weddings! Drinks all around!

Rob's cousin, Caroline, got hitched to a completely amazing, wonderful guy this weekend! We had a blast attending all her wedding festivities... despite all the awkwardness that came with running into one of Rob's ex's along the way (haha!) Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

Caroline was absolutely gorgeous...she looked like Winter Bridal Barbie 2011!! Woot, woot!
Me and my niece, Princess Sophie... isn't she so cute?!Princess Sophie loves taking pictures...Um, and by the way... we kind of still love each other... teehee.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Water for Elephants Trailer 2011 HD

Eeek! So excited for this film, guys! You might remember me blogging about the book a while back, and how excited I was that it was coming to the big screen... what can I say? Its one of my favorite books! The films is coming out in April, with Robert Pattinson (who, despite all the crap he gets for being a Twilight actor, can actually act quite well, I think [see Remember Me]) and Recee Witherspoon as Jacob Jankowski and Marlena Rosenbluth, the two leads. I was sorley disapointed when I discovered that Sean Penn didn't make the cut for August (Marlena's crazy husband) but I'm still so excited for the film. Check out the trailer... its so magical!

In other Media news, Disney is set to bring another favorite book of mine to film later on this year. I've also blogged about this in the past, so you might remember my post about The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.Its a fabulous story about a young writer in 1960's Missisippi, who defies the social norms of the day and writes a book about the way black women are treated in the south. Its inspiring and heartwarming. I loved reading it and I'm--once again--thrilled its coming to film! No trailers yet, but they'll be soon coming, I'm sure!