Sunday, November 21, 2010

Expiration Date: Nov. 4, 2010

I just ate a thing of yogurt with that expiration date.

It totally tasted like lime yogurt... was it supposed to tasted like something else?

I'll let you know if I throw up said lime yogurt later. Yum!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Harry Potter Cast tries to speak "America."

Monday, November 15, 2010

Where We're Headed...

We finally got our location for Rob's new job (horray!) After graduation we will be headed to....
Houston, Texas!!Rob will begin training for his new job in January in Salt Lake City. This will be for about a month or two (depending on how fast he picks it up). We will be camping out with the inlaws for a few weeks while this takes place, which should be pretty fun. And then after training, we're headed to Texas for a year! Niether Rob or I have ever lived in or even visited Texas, so we're pretty excited about this opportunity to experience new things! After our brief stop over in Texas, we will be headed to Los Angeles:Which will be our "permanent" location. Permanent is relative, though, since we obviously reserve the right to change our plans at any time for any reason ( :

Anyway, thought you all would appreciate the update!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Weekend

In my crusade to keep my blog more updated, I decided I should probably get going and post the pictures from our Halloween weekend.

Rob has been traveling a lot recently. One of his trips was schedueled to take him to Salt Lake City at the end of October. Sick and tired of being left behind, I insisted on accompanying him! (Okay, actually it was HIS idea, he's such a sweetie!) So we bought me a plane ticket, packed our bags for the weekend and headed out west for some much needed R & R.

It started off with this:
It was $15 extra for a camero upgrade at the rental car place... honestly, what's a guy to do??Rob was quite thrilled. Here's me wanting in on the "hot car" action too:

We stayed at Rob's parents house. Ever wanting to bribe the grandkids into coming to stay, Gram and Gramp Hansen have built this monstronsity in their backyard:

For those of you thinking "Oh, cool, a treehouse!" Think again. Its more of a tree "boat" or a tree "pirate ship."

I'm certain there are probably some zoning violations somewhere along the line, but regardless, you have to admit, this is COOL!

I'm certain the use of this tree pirate ship will be employeed by more than just Hansen grandkids... 5 bucks says next summer Hansen family reunion will find Rob and Dave camping out up there. They might up cmaping out under the premis of "babysitting" the little kids sleeping up there, but make no mistake they'd be up there, babysitting or not. (Rob has a secret obsession with Swiss Family Robinson).

And what's a trip to Utah without a little J-Dawgs? On Friday, Rob and I went down to Provo to visit my little brother Mark, studying at BYU. We all went out for some good ol' J-Dawgs and were shocked that the "dawgs" were no longer housed in the little red shack, but had upgraded to a spiffy new building. (An actual buidling... for J-Dawgs... can you believe it?!) This is all three of us standing in frong of the poor, lonely red shack.

The food was delicious, of course! Mark ate two whole J-Dawgs, half of mine and insisted he could probably eat one or two more. I stopped betting against Mark and his stomach when I lost a bet to him at age 10, when he ate an entire chicken at Disneyland. Still, it never ceases to amaze me how much my brother can pound down! Even when at my BYU graduation he ate an entire length of party sub sandwhich (him and Rob were competiting) and then still had room for a huge slab of chocolate cake. Oh, and yes, he's still a skiny twig. Ever notice how the skinny twigs eat like line backers??

Later, we carved pumpkins. Mine was clearly the scariest:

Look at that face... if that doesn't strike terror into small children sleeping at night, I don't know what will! Rob and Mom Hansen had good pumpkins too, although the pictures didn't turn out quite as well:

I also helped my sister in law Amy decorate the totally awesome play house in their front yard (from which trick or treaters got their goods Halloween night). I thought the house was so cute all decorated:

We had a good time handing out goodies to trick or treaters. It was the first time I'd ever really done that! It was so fun to see all those cute kids all dressed up!

On Sunday we went down to Springville for the baby blessing of the twins, my niece and nephew, Sophie and Jonathan. They were just too stinkin' cute! I couldn't get a picture of both of them together (Jonathan was NOT cooperating) but I got a few cute pictures of them separately:

It was a VERY fun weekend! Our time was packed, so the "R&R" I spoke of earlier didn't actually really happen. We probably came back to Nebraska more tired than when we left, BUT we certainly had a good time!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New owner of a...

Smart phone.Do I know how to use it?? Absolutely not! But it LOOKS pretty spiffy...