Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cockroaches the size of house cats!

Last week I mentioned to my mom (who is absolutely revolted by roaches) that Rob and I hadn't even seen a cockroach in our Lincoln apartment. Lots of crickets--yes.... lots of spiders--yes, but no roaches. There wasn't any wood available, so I couldn't knock on it. But I should have.

Yesterday, Rob and I were watching a movie on our couch. The movie had just ended and I was snuggling up to Rob all comfortable like. Then all the sudden I glance up and I see this HUGE blob of shadow scuttling across the back of our couch. Poor Rob. I think I might have busted his ear drum with my shriek. I jumped up and flipped on the lights as fast as I could. To my horror, there was a HUGE cockroach on the back of our couch.


GROSS! This thing was the size of a small mouse!!! Rob chivalrously killed it (with my binder, no less... now I have cockroach guts all over it) and then spent the next couple minutes trying to identify what kind of roach it was. I finally had to tell him to give it up and throw it away before he pulled out a microscope to examine it further.

Boys *eye roll*.

Moral of the story? Always knock on wood....

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Monday, July 6, 2009

The only thing worse than a broken air conditioner on a road trip...

... is when you've just BARELY paid $400 bucks to repalce it. Yes that's right. Remember when I told you that we were planning on getting our AC fixed for the road trip?

Well we did.

Fix it, that is.

The problem is, that Tam the mechanic conviniently forgot to clean out the water tubes connected to the AC. Without the water tubes being cleaned out, it wouldn't matter that the AC was fixed because there was still gunk clogging the water tubes. Which essentially means that whoever is sitting in the passenger side seat will be resting their feet in two inches of water. This little forgetfullness on the part of Tam is frustrating in and of itself, because Rob's conversation with Tam went a little something like this:

Rob: Tam, can you make sure to clean out the tubes too so we don't get water on the floor?

Tam: Sure, sure. No problem.

Later that day after picking up the car...

Rob: Tam, did you clean out the tubes?

Tam: Oh yeah, tubes cleaned. No problem.

The next day, half way to Utah we start getting water pooling ALL OVER the passenger side of the car (which happened to be MY side of the car at the time). Rob called Tam.


Tam: What? No, cleaned out filter but not tubes.

Rob: TAM!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Tam: So sorry. Bring it in right now. I fix.


Tam: Car still under warranty. Bring in when you get back.

Okay, so Rob wasn't really that mean to Tam. That's actually what I was thinking--that AND a long list of profanties which I'm probably not going to mention in a blog. Rob might have been a little bit more nice. He usually is. I don't remember though, because I was kind of distracted mopping water up from around my feet.

Fortunately the AC still worked, we just had to deal with water soaking the carpet of the passenger side the whole trip.

Other than that, our trip to Utah was very fun! We got to see my family and Rob's family... although I wasn't exactly thrilled about the "seeing Rob's family" part (long story short: I don't get along with my inlaws), it was still as enjoyable as it could be.

On Thursday we went up to Layton to see my friend Crystal who has been kind of under the weather lately because of a bug she picked up in some third world country. It was SO fun to see her! She made me swear that this pic wouldn't end up on facebook... but I figure she didn't say antying about a blog, so....This is Crystal, my partner in crime since 6th grade. We are truly kindered spirits (as you can see). Life is never dull when we're together schemeing and planning on how to take over the world!

We also got to meet sweet little Joshua Monson on Thursday! Isn't he precious?! So tiny and such a little joy to Nat and Steve! Congrats, you guys!

Also, on a side note, I forgot my camera. Hence the crapy quality of the pictures, due to the fact that I was using the camera on my phone.

On Friday we visited with my family. Due to the many, many delays that naturally follow around a family of 12, we didn't actually get to spend as much time with them as we wanted. We met them at a family reunion in Heber, UT. It was fun to see them for a couple of hours, but like I said, not enough time!! I love this pic of me and Natalie! She's so cute! She was a bursting bundle of energy... I have no clue where she gets in from. I wish I could harness it and sell it in bottles on eBay. ( : Heehee. I finally got her to calm down a little bit by taking pictures of us on my phone. That seemed to distract her from destroying things for about five minutes!

On Saturday we visited with Rob's brother down in Springville, Ut. He's got four kids--three boys and one girl! The last two are twins: Sophoie and Johnathan. They're SO cute! We had fun eating yummy food, lighting things on fire and playing with toys (big kids never get to play with enough toys!) Rob especially enjoyed the swords and the play house that the Make A Wish Foundation built for the oldest boy, Skyler. Oh, and did I mention? I also earned 20 bucks from Rob's crazy sister, Sara. She didn't think I could launch a ball all the way across the baseball field and over the fence with a water ballon launcher. Thirty seconds later I was twenty bucks richer as my ball bounced cleanly over the fence--securing the title for the farthest launch.

And no, niether Sara OR Rob made it over the fence with their launches.

Sohpie's 4th of July outfit! So cute! I also made a crown for Sophie out of flowers. She mostly enjoyed destroying whatever progress I made and most definitely did NOT like wearing it once I finally finished it. But I managed to snap one pictures of her with it on! Rob and Johnathan.Skyler's Make a Wish play house. It's sweet!

Anyway, we had a good time visiting with friends and family! It was good to get out of Nebraska and back to Utah for a while.

Until next time!!

Couldn't put it down...

I can't help it... I have another recommendation for all of you! This book,Warbreaker, is by Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson actually works at BYU as a creative writing professor. I'm kicking myself for not having discovered him before I graduated because he's quite possibly one of my new favorite authors... okay forget "new," he's been one of my favorites for a while now! If you'll think back to January, I posted another reccomendation for the series called Mistborn. This is the same author. He is fabulously original and his works are like a breath of fresh air to the science fantasy world. I highly reccommend this book to anyone who needs a good summer read. I couldn't put it down!