Thursday, December 30, 2010

By the way...

I graduated! Feel free to call me Julie T. Baker Hansen, Esquire from now on. Muahahahaha! I've basically decided to make it a new fad for law school grads to actually use their hard-earned suffix! Haha ( : This is a pic of Rob and I doing the happy dance. Said happy dance will be much more happier in March after the stinkin, rotten, stupid, no good bar is over and done with... BUT... for the moment, graduation from law school required at least a small happy dance! Here are a few pics from graduation... of course, just when you want your camera to work is the time it DOESN'T work, so many of the pictures taken were blurry. These were the acceptable ones and I'll be ordering more from the pro photo guy who was flashin' everyone with his camera later. But for now, this is what you get!Recieving my diploma after getting hooded. Told you the photos were blurry. Smiling for the camera!December grads! There were actually about twice as many as this, but we were the only ones who wanted to dress up all fancy schmancy for a ceremony. The way I figure it?? I sacrificed sweat, blood and tears for that degree... you betchya I want to get my hood!Professor Gardner and I. He was the faculty professor in charge of the J. Reuben Clark Law Scociety with me.My fan club!Me and my sissies!They posted the names of all the graduates on the electronic announcement board in the law school. Whoopee! That's my name! (Although they left out the Baker part... grrr).Mary Barber and I at graduation. We bonded the first week of contracts... law school was never the same after that!

Anyway, that's the that on Graduation. About a million other things have happened before, during and since then... Thanksgiving, moving, Christmas, a wedding, you know... all that sort of stuff that requires a blog update or two. BUT it probably won't happen... I've basically given up on catching up. Sadly--barring some crazy event were I get either really bored or really ambitious--entries will probably just start here and go onward!

Memo to the blogging community: I am now back on the social networking scene! Hooray!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Don't worry, I'll be back after finals.