Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break

This March, a miraculous thing happened... ALL schools in which Baker children were enrolled, so kindly decided to scheduel spring break on the same week. All--that is--except for BYU, whoes nazi scheduel does not allow for such frivolities as a week off of school. Even still, that's a pretty hefty miracle when you think that there was an elementry school, middle school, high school and three colleges spanning four different states (Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nebraska) involved. And when the fates align like that, who are we to argue with their decision?? Thus, a massive Baker family spring break vacation was planned!

The first bit of excitment during the break actually happened BEFORE the break even started. About a week before comencement of said massive spring vacay, Paul recieved a thick, white envelope in the mail from none other than church headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT! In an ever-impressive act of self control, Paul decided to wait until break to open his call, so that the whole family could witness the event. All I have to say is: Wow! Better men have fallen to such temptations!

Because of work conflicts, Rob was unable to attend the spring break festivities (Boo!) And after some minor thechnical difficulties with Skype (which, incidently, decided not to work at all), the drumroll started and Paul began opening the ominous white envelope! We were all breathless with anticipation and absolutely thrilled to learn that Paul was being sent to none other than...

Mexico City, Mexico! Elder Baker is sheduled to leave June 22 and will be speaking--much to Rob's delight--Spanish, of course! We're all so thrilled for you, Paul! Congrats!

After that exciting event, the whole family headed up to Island Park for some fun in the snow! I remember that before I left Texas, someone at church asked me "Are there really places that still have snow this time of year?!" CLEARLY, he was a native Texan. Yes, dear Texas person, there are PLENTY of places that still have snow in March! Admitedly, the snow was starting to get a little soggy towards the end of the week, but when you have 3-4 feet of snow on the ground, what's a little meltage, anyway??

The Gang

Natalie... in a rare moment of enthusiasm...Haha.

Me and my snow buddy, Lindsey.

Snowmobiling is great fun, but it's not without its casualties. Besides the overall general aching that sets in after WAY too many hours ridding (sadle soreness, anyone?!) there are other obstables--such as trees--that can be hazardous. Sylvi and Lisa--in particular--seemed to be quite adept at attracting said trees.

Yes, the snomobile IS on top of them. Here's a better view:

Luckily, no injuries. But a great photo opportunity! My dad also seemed to have a nack at attracting the trees:

Needless to say he was none too happy that I was both teasing him about running into the tree, and taking photographic evidence of the event, as he insisted it was "merely a ditch." Riiiiight. The final count: Sylvi, 2 trees; Lisa, 1 tree; Dad, 1 tree.

Little Scott also got his fair share of snowmobiling excitment, when late the first day, he did this to himself:

Yes, he DID bite clean through his lip.

It really wasn't his fault... he was riding with Paul, who can be a bit of a dare devil sometimes. No worries, though, I'm pretty sure Paul felt guilty! And lucky for us, our resident surgeon on hand stitched him up with no problems. The worst of it will be that he'll have a nice little scar to impress the ladies with!

Here are some other lovely pictures from the trip:

Feeding the ducks:

The outhouse... sweet relief burried under 4 feet of snow... and yes, I did brave the freezing toilet seat to aquire said relief. Teehee.

Me and Lisa (my snow buddy, day 2) got some air we got going over a jump! We had so much fun that we had to take a picture!

And of course, what's a winter wonderland without a few gorgeous pictures to show for it?

On the way home, Mark and Paul insisted we make a stop at Big Jud's, so they could do the burger challenge. I think Paul was mostly inspired because the last time he successfully completed the challenege, the camera broke right as they were about to take his picture for the challenge wall. Not to be defeated, he wanted to try again! This time, they upped the ante. Instead of the 1 lb. burger challenge, both Mark and Paul went for the 2 lb. burger challenge.

Although both did, in fact, complete the 2 lb. challenge, I doubt either of them will ever look at a burger the same way again. Nor do I think they'll make good on their threat to take on the 3 lb. burger the next time!

All in all? A successful snowy week, I'd say! Although next time, could we do the beach? SO much warmer!


Emily Gibbons said...

How fun! You guys always seem to have a great time together! Although, BOO for missing the cousin get-together! Missed you! :)

Julie said...

I know, I'm so lame. I could have gone but my in laws were so excited I was there... it felt cruel to leave them! Sounds like it was fun, though ( :

Brady and Karen said...

Sick. I bet they spent a lot of time in the bathroom after that.